Sometimes your hard work as a wedding vendor goes unnoticed because you don’t have beautiful images of your final product and the steps it took to get there. I am here to be YOUR dedicated photographer on the day of the wedding. If you are the caterer, I will focus on the details of the delicious food your company prepared. If you are the wedding planner, I will take photos of the beautiful centerpieces you creatively displayed. If you are the florist, I will capture the beauty of your flower arrangements. I am here to ensure that whether or not you receive images from the wedding photographer, at the end of the day you can rest assured that you are guaranteed images solely focusing on your work.

Short & Sweet: $50 gets you 1 hour of shooting time and a choice of 20+ edited images. Digital images are $4 each. This is perfect for the vendor who only needs/wants a few photos.

Standard Package: $175 gets you 2 hours of shooting time and 30+ edited images. 

All Day Coverage: $350 gets you photo coverage from the time you arrive at the venue until the reception and 100+ edited images. You choose what you want me to focus on, but you have to go to the wedding photographer for images of the event itself.

HEY FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHERS: The Short & Sweet package is perfect for you, if you would like the camera turned around for a change. I know, sounds crazy right? And there are usually reasons beyond our talent and love for photography why we hide behind the camera…BUT these images will represent you well as you are in the thick of the action, communicating with your client, and taking beautiful images yourself. I know I’ve always wanted photos of myself…taking photos. The Short & Sweet package is great for you because I’m only around you for an hour, and I’m sure you don’t need over 30 images of yourself. I promise, I will respect your bubble and your clients. Think on it :)

The Fine Print: No matter which package you choose, your client must approve of you hiring me. They must also make sure there is no clause in their photographer’s contract against another professional photographer taking images at the event. If possible and depending on which vendor you are, all photos will be taken before the ceremony for the Short & Sweet and Standard packages. All packages can be applied to general events and festivals. Contact me for more details.

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