My Story

The Beginning

In 2008 I started my wonderful journey into the world of photography when I purchased my first film camera. I took film photography classes at Columbia College in the foothills of Sonora, CA. After falling in love with film, I fell in love with digital photography. I went to school for two semesters at the Academy of Art University for Fine Art Photography, but this path was stopped in its tracks when I decided I needed a major life change. Though I felt a strong connection with the beautiful mountains that surrounded me, that connection was slowly dwindling as I was longing for more opportunities, new faces, and different experiences. The immediate solution was to visit my sister in Jacksonville, FL for a two week getaway. Little did I know, it was about to become a long term solution. After meeting my husband, wanting a relationship with family I never got to see, and finding myself enthralled with a new culture, I packed my bags three months after making it back to California and drove across the country in July of 2013. I enjoyed six years in Jacksonville before relocating to Tampa, FL in the fall of 2019. I'm loving it here in this diverse city, and I'm so grateful I get to work here as a photographer!

Becoming a Business Photographer

After two years of working full-time in an office in Downtown Jacksonville, my connections with the business community started to grow. My fondness of downtown Jax and my interest in the rapidly growing city made me want to play a part in it all. The puzzle pieces fell into place perfectly when I realized that I wanted to help represent businesses the best way I can: through images. This is why I am a photographer catered to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From small businesses to corporations to nonprofits, and from restaurants to arts organizations to legal & financial companies, I am here to help businesses of all kinds advance their image.   


In 2016 I left my full-time job to focus on finishing my degree at FSCJ and to officially launch the business I had wanted to put my time and energy into for years. In spring of 2018 I finished that degree and now my life's work is behind the camera. When I'm not taking photos or shooting video, I like to spend time with our pets, Flynn the Standard Schnauzer and Sailor the Tuxedo cat. When my husband isn't on a ship as a Tampa Harbor Pilot, we like to travel and go to events.

My Work

When it comes to my work, I believe in quality over quantity. I spend time editing each image instead of editing images in groups, throwing the same filter on all of them. I believe that every photo and video conveys a story or emotion, and part of my mission is to bring focus to that story or emotion. 

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